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Worst Hosting Company Ever Dealt With

by : Paul ⋅ From : ⋅ Date : November 27, 2015 ⋅ Recommend : No


-Migrated one of my websites to a new server and site was painfully slow for months and sometimes it was down completely -When they finally migrated me, they neglected to tell me! Didn’t give me the new DNS settings -Called them, on hold for a full hour -Chat and was "not available" -Tried the next day and got hold of someone. We were talking, suddenly he was gone. I waited 8 minutes before his next reply. -Have another VPS account. All I needed was an SSL certificate re-keyed to SHA-2. I have been unable to get this accomplished despite at least 9 attempts to do so. -My wife had a problem with her website. She waited on hold for 45 minutes and finally hung up. She asked me why I thought they were so great and how could I sign my web clients up with you guys.


Good but not the best

by : Googie User ⋅ From : USA ⋅ Date : November 27, 2015 ⋅ Recommend : Yes


I am user of 000webhost after reading that our password leaked from them then I decided to choose another free hosting provider. One of my class mate suggest me about GoogieHost.com as they offer unlimited hosting for FREE, its 3 months I don't have any complaints but they are not that good if you have good numbers of traffic


Excellent value with outstanding service.

by : Paul O'Rorke ⋅ From : Duncan, BC, Canada ⋅ Date : November 27, 2015 ⋅ Recommend : Yes


I could not believe it when my fantastically priced hosting company turned out to have the best service I've had in years. What more could I ask for? I have, for the money I spend, more than enough power and connectivity to handle my business needs. When I did have a name resolution issue they responded with truly impressive speed and effectiveness. The issue was resolved and all was back to normal literally within minutes of placing a high priority ticket. This level of support and competence wins long term customers. I'm in. Good job LogicWeb.


Started good, but now they're in the gutter

by : Stefan ⋅ From : Australia ⋅ Date : November 27, 2015 ⋅ Recommend : No


Today 6 hours and counting with tech support. Everyone gives you a different reason of issue. Chat support attend a million people at a time and they leave me waiting too long. Then I get a reply meant for someone else. Pathetic. Will start looking for a mother host today.



by : Alex ⋅ From : ⋅ Date : November 26, 2015 ⋅ Recommend : No


Down twice in 2 days with absolutley no contact explanation or apology from bluehost. Terribe customer service. Will not be renewing with bluehost or ever reccomending them again.

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