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Peak Internet and Hosting ~ AWESOME

by : Debbie and John Benard/Grigsby ⋅ From : Eddyville, Oregon, USA ⋅ Date : July 28, 2016 ⋅ Recommend : Yes


We have had Peak Internet service for the past 4 years and it has been the best upgrade for Internet Access we have made. We have been very happy with the reliability of the internet service and its fast speed. We had had dialup for far too long!! We recently upgraded our Website to Peak Internet Hosting in May this year, 2016. We had to work out some issues, but in so doing technical assistance through Scott (an Engineer) and Brendan a Tech Specialist we have had the best service to resolving our issues. We will be Peak Internet supported for the remainder of our lives!! So glad that we made these switches, wish we had done so sooner!!


Peak Internet Saved Our Bacon

by : Helen ⋅ From : Lebanon OR ⋅ Date : July 27, 2016 ⋅ Recommend : Yes


We built our own Website using Wordpress about 6 years ago, at that time we were being hosted by another online company. That company could not help us when we found out that roughly 75% of customers could not reach our website no matter what they tried. We wasted over 6 months trying to fix the problem. After banging our heads against the wall, and being tired of them treating us like we were making up stories, we finally said "that's it, ENOUGH"! The decision was made to use someone local. We met with "Peak Internet" and could physically sit and show them our issues. Peak Internet didn't make any promises, but were pretty confident they could help us figure out and fix our website problem. The good news is "We Weren't Nuts After All", the issues had nothing to do with something we did and Peak Internet was able to get us up and running again complete with Managed WordPress Hosting. All I can say is "I wish we had have had Peak Internet from the beginning". THEY SAVED OUR BACON.


Best Customer Support Ever

by : Nance ⋅ From : Corvallis ⋅ Date : July 27, 2016 ⋅ Recommend : Yes


I have been a Peak customer for more years than I can count. Their technical support team has never let me down. They answer the phone immediately, call back quickly if the answer is not readily available, have stayed on the phone to walk me through a technical problem, etc. Simply outstanding and beyond par with any other company I have dealt with. Account services/Billing/Customer Support is friendly, helpful and calls back to make sure my problem has been solved. Can't ask for more than that. Peak is the best!


One of the best webhosting i ever tired so far!

by : Ahmed ⋅ From : EGYPT ⋅ Date : July 27, 2016 ⋅ Recommend : Yes


I have been using webhosting since 2008 and this company is indeed one of the best in business, What impressed me that the servers are very fast and they got a very responsive support stuff plus a very good uptime compared to other well known hosting's.


Issues all the time

by : Mike ⋅ From : Chester, UK ⋅ Date : July 27, 2016 ⋅ Recommend : No


They've just upgraded apache to v2.4 without notifying me and my website is now broken!!! When you go to home page the index.php is downloaded instead of loading the page!!! Support don't care about fixing this as usual! It is one of the cheapest hostings and most advertised/popular however the support is terrible and there are always some issues from their side!

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