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Cheap and Reliable

by : Umer ⋅ From : Pakistan ⋅ Date : March 05, 2015 ⋅ Recommend : Yes


iPage is the cheapest service available on web in terms of services it offers. It gives unlimited disk space and bandwidth (100000 GB). You can host unlimited websites on it. The support and customer service they offer is timely and effective. The page loading speeds may not be that much ideal but the uptime, pricing and other features are very much in the price range. One bad hing is that like other companies they offer higher renewal rates. I am using ipage hosting on www.bookhut.net/ which works absolutely fine.

Superb Internet

Superb Has Quickest and Most Reliable Ticket System

by : John ⋅ From : London, Ontario ⋅ Date : March 05, 2015 ⋅ Recommend : Yes


Thank you. Superb has the quickest and most reliable ticket system that I know of.

InMotion Hosting, Inc.

What a Pleasant Surprise

by : Librarian Reviewer ⋅ From : USA ⋅ Date : March 05, 2015 ⋅ Recommend : Yes


Note: In the interests of factual rating, while I have given five stars in all categories, the Reliability and Update rating is based only on the limited use, so it is a matter of optimism given the outstanding performance in other areas. In my very first contact with Inmotion support, but not my first contact with Web support, which has been going on as long as the has been a Web, I found not only support to be excellent, but the user interface and capabilities of the software are simply amazing. It is by far the easiest site to set up and use. Edward P. provided excellent support, clearly understanding my questions and taking time to research and answer them. You cannot believe what a relief this is after dealing with years of outsourced support. I have no reservations about recommending InMotion as a reasonably priced Web host with outstanding features

InMotion Hosting, Inc.

I am very happy with my their service

by : JenRo ⋅ From : ⋅ Date : March 05, 2015 ⋅ Recommend : Yes


I've been using InMotion Hosting, Inc. for a few years and I am very happy. I had to renew my account recently and I could not afford it. So InMotion Hosting hooked me up with a lifetime 46% discount! Not only that, but getting helped through Live Chat was easy and fast!


Downhill the last few years

by : Eric ⋅ From : Ontario, Canada ⋅ Date : March 05, 2015 ⋅ Recommend : No


They used to be really good. I had hosting a VPS and a bunch of domains with them for years. They transferred and everything went to hell. The hosting went right away because it was an opportunity to find a new one and the hosting with them is terrible, unreliable, ancient software that they dont even know how to manage. I moved the VPS out almost right away do a lot of changes in the hosting arrangements which made it useless to me. I moved the domains out today because for the second time they were directed to your basic 'buy this domain now' stuff even though I made and authorized no changes and the domains are paid for (the shortest left is 3 months on one) this is the second time this has happened. If you have domains and not their hosting they 'steal' the domains peridocally I guess assuming your not using them so they can make some add revenue off them.

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