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SiteGround review


Best Technical Support

5.00, a review by from Florida, USA, posted April 12, 2014.

Let's face it, when things go wrong this is where the value of a company shows, a lot of companies claim to have the best customer service and technical support, key word "claim" I have used other hosting and even ecommerce sites and this is by far the best technical support I have ever experienced, siteground's staff have gone above and beyond in many instances already to resolve my technical issues, response time is an unheard of 10-15 minutes if that much for an answer or to get a response, in the past with the big name ecommerce sites I have waited days for useless responses. Siteground is by far the best hosting service there is in my opinion and this opinion is obtained by proven results time and time again.

B3 Website review

B3 Website

Best web hosting in Cyprus

5.00, a review by from Cyprus, posted April 12, 2014.

I purchased hosting in Cyprus but was really expensive and low storage for my emails. With B3 now I have the unlimited package and now I can leave B3 team to take control of the technical parts. Excellent web hosting company

Web Hosting HUB review

Web Hosting HUB

Web Hosting Hub Service.

5.00, a review by from Anytown, AT 55555, posted April 12, 2014.

I have only one word to describe the service provided by WHH... AWESOME. If it were not for this excellent service, I might have given up long ago. My whole experience with this firm is nothing less than perfect. If you wish to have a website that is professional, and really fulfills all your agendas, go nowhere else.

iPage review


I got a full refund

3.80, a review by from Anytown, AT 55555, posted April 11, 2014.

Let me preface this review by saying I am an IT professional. For 3 weeks I was an iPage customer until their technical support agreed their one-click install service could not install its offered version of Moodle. The system, like many others seems to break and only support versions up to the stable release from 4 years ago. I asked for a refund and they were very helpful in making this happen. They score 4 on software because the one-click install service does not always work requiring a manual install. A 3 for user friendly because they took hours to respond to questions but were always very polite. They were always up and reliable. Tech support gets a 3 because usually the initial response to my queries was wrong but when I questioned them they agreed with my issue and started working to address it. When they did start working with me they were good. If they could have supported the software I required (which their sales team said they could) we would still be with them.

Web Hosting HUB review

Web Hosting HUB

Customer Service

, a review by from Anytown, AT 55555, posted April 11, 2014.

Great Customer Service, prompt and courteous. Agent was very helpful. Would feel comfortable calling again.

HostMetro review


Putt Hutt Designs

5.00, a review by from Ar, USA, posted April 11, 2014.

Best web hosting by far online! Support is under rated! I think they all need raises! Yes, they are that good in all support departments! Keep up the great job!

HostPapa review


Not impressed

2.40, a review by from New Zealand, posted April 11, 2014.

Like many I found the standard IP address constantly blacklisted so I purchased dedicated IP's for a number of domains only to discover the HostPapa systems still linked the SPF records to the blacklisted IP's so no emails were delivered. 1st level support basically a telephone answering service, a waste of space. Next level only by email and when they feel like it! Totally unimpressed by the service, all the 1st level did was apologise numerous times and tell me my ticket was being processed by the technical team. Supervisor was not willing to talk to me. Same script on every call. Please vary i Having been waiting for three days for a resolution and being told it was resolved when mxtoolbox showed me the spf records were still invalid, to be frank just pissed me off since 1st level had no control or decision making authority. Despite promise that tech support would call me - still waiting! Unfortunately the poor girl had to endure my frustration! Will make a great training tape.t

Genius Guard review

Genius Guard

Good Company

4.40, a review by from Anytown, AT 55555, posted April 11, 2014.

hello i'm new costumer by genius guard. this hosting is very good and i'll work with genius guard for ever good support and good uptime thanks

IntroNet Servers review

IntroNet Servers

Not Bad

5.00, a review by from Anytown, AT 55555, posted April 11, 2014.

I got a Super fast ultra VPS with intronetservers a week ago. hope pricing never changes so far so good in terms of performance. ill write back some more feed back again.

ClamHost review



4.80, a review by from Gilbert, AZ USA, posted April 10, 2014.

ClamHost has reliable and affordable hosting services. Uptime is literally 100% as they provide 500GB DDoS protection, and fantastic customer support.

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