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HosterPK review


HosterPK is best hosting company

5.00, a review by from Pakistan, posted July 31, 2014.

HosterPK is best hosting company. I have taken two domains from this company :)

HostPapa review


HostPapa - great value for money

4.60, a review by from Australia, posted July 31, 2014.

After doing my research HostPapa came up trumps in terms of value for money, ease of use and customer support. I was actually in transit at Dubai airport when I set everything up! The only criticism I have is that the backup service is a little pricey so I've established my own NAS server with an old PC. I would definitely recommend HostPapa as a service provider.

GoDaddy review


Worst hosting period

1.00, a review by from Anytown, AT 55555, posted July 30, 2014.

I have never worked with worse hosting company. I have many small and mid size businesses which I handle online marketing. It is a new rule that I won't take new clients unless they aren't on godaddy hosting or are willing to move before I begin. I cannot warn people enough. STAY AWAY!

Manashosting review


Bad cheated me in all term

1.00, a review by from India, posted July 30, 2014.

1) they say five years of subscription for XYZ amount, but in billing they mention 1 year PAID service and 4 years free service. So you cannot raise any complaints in next four years just because they call it as free service. 2)They keep saying migration or some cpanel change and you never receive any mail in the notice period for migration, and later on they say because you didnt migrated in free notice period you have to pay for the service i.e. monthly 100 rs, which is as good as having a new hosting account 3)Worst service, and they never respond to the mails. And the calls you make would be like we are billing team, or we are technical team.But none of them will transfer you to other team. And your queries will never be addressed properly This is one of the AS$#ole company I ever have seen in my life. And this is by far most worst rating I have given to any service I have availed till now.

JaguarPC review



2.00, a review by from USA, posted July 29, 2014.

support tickets will require several escalations even for simple issues (most of which they cause) the will turn off your site for 'storing files over 100mb' well, this does not work for graphic files. the fine print basically states you should only host static sites because they claim every php script i have is 'not optimized'. i would not host anything with this company, they have many poor ratings

2 Sync review

2 Sync


5.00, a review by from Anytown, AT 55555, posted July 29, 2014.

Used them and i must say they are just amazing.

WebHostFace review


Great speed and the most incredible customer service !

5.00, a review by from Mexico, posted July 29, 2014.

Hi, I was looking for a new webhost to transfer my ecommerce site and I have been really lucky to find webhostface. They personally help you out with the transfer and they respond really quickly on any question you may have. If you need a reliable, fast service with great customer care, do not hesitate and buy their hosting package. Unfortunately they can not host my com.mx domain, but I am sure their domain service is excellent as well.

HostPapa review


not reliable on joomla or wordpress with online shopping

3.40, a review by from canada, posted July 29, 2014.

I was with hostpapa and canceled after 1 year. I was often getting error 500 in my logs (so much that at some point my clients were calling me saying the site is down or not responding) . This would last 5-120 minutes and resolved by itself. I created at least 6 tickets to fix this but each time, when the support was working on the ticket, the page was back responding. I kept my domain with them for only one week since I couldn't establish a redirect (each time I would setup a redirect, it would reset to default). So I transferred everything (lost couple of customers, google ranking and money). I went with siteground. Been 2 months now and got maybe 1-2 error 500 due to upgrade on network. Site is www.sofasurmesure.com

Arvixe review


For me Arvixe is a top decision

5.00, a review by from Germany, Cologne, posted July 28, 2014.

Pros: After being a customer at Arvixe for probably more than 5 years now, I would choose Arvixe again. Their prices are very cheap with tons of features in CPanel (or WHM) and nearly no limits at all. Support is brillant: Their Live-Chat is very fast in answering AND solving problems, although there is a ticket system, too. Even the most cheap offer of hosting plans is much better than nearly every other company is in higher price-region. I would never host my pages at Strato or 1&1 again. What Arvixe has to offer is much, much more. For $4 you get a hosting-plan packed with features and accessibility with unlimited disk space, unlimited transfer and 6 domains possible (1 included in price on top). In my opinion this is unbeatable. So is their support, if you should once need it. Contras: Maybe a problem with delivery-speed of pages in real big projects. But you will never notice with small to medium size projects, I think. For personal and small business sites Arvixe rules!



Best Support

5.00, a review by from Anytown, AT 55555, posted July 28, 2014.

I believe I should let people who look for budget shared hosting know about Kvchosting.com hosting service. Uptime is easy to measure, so my tracking shows it to be average 99.94% for all my sites.Support response time for tickets varied between 5 and 25 minutes, and average was 10 minutes.But more important was content of the reply, there was no necessity to re-explain what I asked or needed, they perfectly understood my question. Therefore when I say response time, I mean real issue solution, not question from their side. So, if you're looking for a budget hosting, with generous packages and lightning fast and competent support, I don't think it's easy to find better one than Kvchosting!

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