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Big Thanks

5.00, a review by from Anytown, AT 55555, posted July 22, 2014.

Till now I have absolutely no problems with their service, uptime is superb. Customer support is blazing fast, I never had to contact them for any problems because there were none, but today I requested to fix a problem with firewall since my IP was banned for wrong password and they have resolved this issue in exactly 1 minute. Anyway big thanks to Kvchosting and I will continue dealing with them.

HostMetro review


very bad experience

1.00, a review by from Anytown, AT 55555, posted July 22, 2014.

Today I Signup for their hosting plan and so far my experience is very bad. I have made the payment using Paypal but after the payment my order status some how showing as cancelled although payment has been deducted from my paypal account. I have contact their support staff and they ask me to contact billing department which I have done but after some hours my account at their site deleted not able check my ticket status more over password reset show message "No client account was found with the email address you entered" So far there is no communication from them nor they have refunded the payment. I have use ipage hosting in past I have to admit their support is 100 times better they usely respond with in couple of hour and solve the issue

HostMetro review


1st Day user admin-support is experienced with understanding

4.80, a review by from GA, USA, posted July 22, 2014.

admin tech support understands exact issues in no time and response and fix is quick. So far within 30 mins. I had apprx 2 GB MySQL database file which was timing out time and again using remote access. They even helped me out with it. In fact, other hosting companies say, that not part of support. i am happy so far.

Hostsailor review


High praise for HostSailors tech. help

4.20, a review by from Manhattan, KS, posted July 21, 2014.

I have subscribed to HostSailors VPS service and would like to say how helpful they were in getting me hooked up to their servers. I am an older person and not very computer literate when it comes to something new to me like VPS. They went out of their way in seeing that I got hooked up successfully, while showing a lot of patience.

1and1 review


Worst Customer Service Ever

1.00, a review by from Anytown, AT 55555, posted July 21, 2014.

Tried 1and1 previously for three days to host my blog, and found their service to be unmanageable and not user-friendly. I cancelled the service within the cancellation period, but did not receive my money back. Now, to my chagrin, they have been calling me at work, wanting me to try their free trial website for the animal shelter I run. Their sales people are the rudest, pushiest people I have ever encountered. I ask them to take me off of their calling list, but it clearly hasn't happened. This last guy told me that, because I wasn't signing up for their free trial, that no one would see my website, and that animals would die because of me. Then he hung up. Angrily, I tried calling their support line to finally get my number off the call list, and to complain about him, but I never encountered a human being. The phone tree left me on hold for 15 minutes. Tried another line with the same results. I can't even block their sales number on my phone because it doesn't come up!

HosterPK review


HosterPk is great to work with.

5.00, a review by from Pakistan, posted July 21, 2014.

I am using hosterpk for my web need for the last 4 years and I am never disappointed by them regarding technical support.

Arvixe review


Great Service with Unbeatable Cost!

5.00, a review by from Desloge, MO USA, posted July 21, 2014.

I would highly recommend Arvixe. You get the best bang for the buck. The website management panel is straight forward and easy to use. Take advantage of this great service!

HosterPK review


very good tech support

5.00, a review by from pakistan, posted July 21, 2014.

very good servies for give us hosterpk.

GoDaddy review


Email Price Increase Three Fold

2.20, a review by from CT, posted July 21, 2014.

Yesterday, I received an email from Go Daddy billing about my automatic renewal for email service was processed and MORE THAN TRIPLED IN PRICE!! It was $24 last year and is now more than $84 this year. Outrageous! I was not offered a discount in any way. Just pay it or we can refund your $$ and you can discontinue your service. DO you know how disruptive that would be for my business!!?? What I will do is tell my customer to stay clear of Go Daddy. Period.

StartLogic review


Tech support is funny

1.80, a review by from Spain, posted July 21, 2014.

Thech support? Read what they say about not being able to upload a .exe file into my hosting: "Unfortunately, it is not possible to upload files with .exe extensions to your account. Your account is hosted on a Shared hosting platform which is specifically designed to provide uninterrupted hosting experience to multiple customers. Also, since .exe files cannot be run on our servers we do not allow uploading .exe files to the account." EXE FILES CAN'T BE "RUN ON THEIR SERVERS"!?! So does JPG files so I wont be able to upload them, isn't it???

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